ArkivDigital one of the ”101 Best Family History Websites”

ArkivDigital is proud to announce that we have been named as one of the “101 Best Family History Websites” by Family Tree Magazine.

Family Tree Magazine is North America’s leading genealogy magazine, helping readers discover and preserve their family history. Each year, Family Tree Magazine publishes the 101 Best Websites for family history.

This edition guides genealogists to the top websites where they can make progress with their family history research. It also honors the individuals and organizations who create those sites.

This year, the list of outstanding websites has been broken down into fifteen categories and ArkivDigital has been selected as one of the “Best of Continental European Genealogy Websites”. You can find the full list of the 101 Best Genealogy Websites for family history here.


ArkivDigital är stolta att meddela att vi har blivit utnämnda till en av de “101 Best Family History Websites” av Family Tree Magazine.

Family Tree Magazine är Nordamerikas ledande genealogiska magasin, som hjälper sina läsare att upptäcka och bevara sin familjehistoria. Varje år publicerar Family Tree Magazine ett nummer med de 101 bästa webbsidorna för släktforskning. Läsarna guidas till hemsidor där de kan göra framsteg inom sin forskning, samtidigt som skaparna bakom hemsidorna lyfts fram.

I år har listan på framstående hemsidor delats in i femton kategorier. ArkivDigital har valts som en av de “Best of Continental European Genealogy Websites”, alltså ”Kontinentaleuropas Bästa Genealogiska Webbsidor”. Den fullständiga listan på 101 Best Genealogy Websites hittar du här. (De länkade sidorna är på engelska.)


Swedish Church Book Tutorials

Swedish GenealogyThe Swedish church books are usually the first Swedish records that one uses when tracing one’s Swedish roots. These records are a ”gold mine” because they are so complete and contain such detailed information. In many cases, one can trace a person’s life in the church books from birth to death or birth to emigration.

We often hear from many people who have Swedish ancestry but don’t speak Swedish, that they are intimidated by the Swedish church books because they are in Swedish. But there is no need to be. The church books consist primarily of tables of names, places and dates. Yes, there are Swedish words but these words are used repeatedly. Once one becomes familiar with the commonly used words, researching in the church books becomes relatively easy.

On our website, you will find a section titled, Swedish Genealogy. In this section, you will find record examples and translations for birth, marriage, death, household examination and moving records and much more.

Introduction to Swedish Church Books
Birth Record Examples
Marriage Record Examples
Death Record Examples
Household Examination Record Examples
Moving in and Moving out Records

Death record example

Image above: 1700s death record example. Go to page.

Kathy Meade, ArkivDigital USA